Worldwide Age Representation in Parliaments Dataset

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The WARP dataset is a comprehensive and ongoing data collection effort that provides information about the numerical presence of age groups in lower house parliaments, spanning across the globe and over time.

To date, it contains over 800 elections in 150 countries. In more detail, we provide information on the mean and median age of Members of Parliament (MPs), as well as information of the share of young or older MPs. We also provide figures that compare the presence of a certain age group of legislators in relation to the same age group in the general population.

Finally, we include gendered figures, such as the presence of young female MPs.

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Youth Representation in the US House of Representatives.
Youth Representation in the US House of Representatives.
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When using the WARP dataset, we ask you to cite the following publication:

Daniel Stockemer and Aksel Sundström (2022) Introducing the Worldwide Age Representation in Parliaments (WARP) dataset. Social Sciences Quarterly, 103(7), 1765-1774.

The WARP dataset is available to download and free of charge. You can use it for analysis, graphs, teaching, academic-related and non-commercial purposes.